Delivering the customer's needs and wishes

The key to any successful submission [and bid] is to write it for the specific customer. 
This is what we always do. We do not 'cut-and-paste' and the concept of 'boilerplate text' is not recognised. All work is bespoke to your business and each associated customer.

The focus will be on providing a tangible benefit to your customer that will resolve both their explicit and underlying needs and issues, by answering their specific questions.

You will show them that you understand them and are easy to do business with, and offer them a 'hassle-free' one-stop service.

As they read, they will be compelled to believe that you, above all others,  offer the best outcomes.

Solving Clients' fears, risks, and concerns

By the same token, we help you capture your customer; 
demonstrating that you -- and only you-- can control 'what keeps them awake at night'.

We will answer the precise questions asked and demonstrate to the customer HOW you deliver the best value -- even when your prices are not the lowest.

It will become abundantly clear that that you provide the best outcomes for their business.

You will inexorably demonstrate how the client will accrue benefits from working with you and accepting your offer.

Translating the strategy into the best bid possible

We will ensure that the submission:
  • adheres to the agreed strategy and hence your business needs and constraints
  • fully and accurately answers all of the customer's questions
  • is joined-up, concise, and with a consistent style and in so doing ...
  • ... exhibits a telling use of win themes, technical expertise and total excellence
  • promotes your unique capability, selling points, and win themes
  • is easy-to-read, communicating benefits and messages clearly and powerfully
  • makes the most productive use of data, evidence and graphics
  • is robustly reconciled and integrated with the operational and commercial solutions
  • is produced and reviewed according to your quality processes.

Persuasive, captivating and compelling submissions

Together, we will have made it abundantly clear to your customer that you provide the best outcomes and a multitude of unique benefits and value.

The submission will instill them with confidence in your prices and methodology.

You will demonstrate the value you deliver-- and convince them that these benefits are worth paying for.

The proposal will be bespoke, safe, sustainable, fully compliant to their requirements, and one that will continually add value.

In conclusion, we will help you achieve a robust proposal that they are compelled to select.

Catalogue of submissions we have provided:

  • Quality Statements/Submissions
  • Capture Plans
  • PQQ/SQ Documents
  • Capability Statements
  • Construction (Gantt) Programmes
  • IMS Manuals (ISO 9001/45001/14001)
  • Brochures- promotional
  • Curricula Vitae
  • Case Studies
  • Detailed method statements
  • Health and Safety Submissions
  • Writing guides for all levels
  • Expressions of Interest
  • Information Assurance Proposals
  • Construction drawings & guides
  • Brochures- technical
  • Efficient Winter Maintenance Solutions
  • Promotional Banners
  • Presentation Handouts
  • Validation Documents (Post-Tender)
  • Quality Manuals and Plans
  • Information Memorandum
  • Stakeholder Management Plans
  • Executive Summaries for submissions
  • Total Street Cleaning Solutions
  • Miscellaneous marketing materials
  • Business Continuity Plans


S u c c e s s e s


The quality of our writing is ultimately best evidenced by its achievements:

For submissions where Solutionality has been in control of the submission, we have a success rate of...


Our overall success rate for all bids to which we have contributed writing services, of any meaningful description, over the last 10 years is currently...  


Even on bids that were ultimately unsuccessful, 50% of the quality submissions that we have produced, scored top marks.

In 2020, the quality submissions on both of our [winning] bids before 'lockdown' scored 92.8% and 91.3%... before adjustment.


Client 'F' is major road marking contractor, for whom we have provided all of the six services listed on our  homepage for over 10 years.
Together we have secured milions of pounds of turnover and opened up key clients such as Highways England.

One of the most demanding of clients, Highways England, said of our latest successful bid:

    "Client 'F' has provided strong evidence through its numerous examples that it has effective quality management to support delivery with recognition of the quality of the Quality Plan in Area 7 [which Solutionality also provided] suggesting competence.

    "The performance management...provides a benefit of identifying weaknesses and failures and learning.

    "The resourcing approach is effective and enables service to be provided even at short notice.

    "Collaboration is also evident with examples of where and how this is working using a number of different scenarios. of providing accurate, timely information."


A client hired us specifically to manage the bid writing on several major aviation tenders.

Our client proposed to send an executive summary which was unnattractive, unstructured, and lacked both relevance and connectivity to the key elements of the submission and our client's strengths.


When we saw the client's proposed executive summary, we proactively put forward a fresh summary - to ensure that they created the best first impression...


The summary is now attractive and easy to read:
  • The content is relevant and concise
  • The document is clearly focussed on the client and working with them
  • The headings and text replicate the key issues and sections of the submission
  • The summary linked the client’s corporate message with the project-specific issues
  • No IPR issues with images or graphics