Taking Ownership for delivering a
world-class winning bid

We are with you every step of the way- translating the strategy into a winning bid.

We will steer the bid through development, completion, review and submission.

We will identify the key team members, experts and advisors and engage with them to ensure a timely delivery to a clear programme.

We will organise a perfectly-timed kick-off meeting-- with the right people; generating the right plan.

We will oversee the customer communication, liaison, and query process-- keeping everyone up-to-date.

Making it all happen

Drawing out the best achievable bid

We will continually analyse the bid to ensure:
  • All Objectives are being consistently achieved
  • Excellence is identified, communicated and used to maximum effect
  • Consistent use of genuine winning themes, USPs, innovations etc.
  • Submissions are consistent, logical and thorough
  • Full alignment between the operational, quality and commercial solutions.
  • The impact of risk-- in all forms-- is fully understood and mitigated.
The best and most persuasive

Ensuring your bid is robust, compliant
and customer-focussed

Guaranteeing that the submission is the best that it can be; and that it delivers all of the customers, needs, aspirations, targets, risks and fears.

We will implement a regime of milestones, gates and reviews to suit your needs - all linked to a programme and comprehensive deliverables schedule.

Together, we will ensure the aforementioned integration, reconciliation and full compliance with stated requirements.

We will also ensure the timely submission of a professional and complete submission.

Making it all connect

Supporting the bid post-submission

We will continue to support the bid by virtue of:
  • Fielding post-tender queries and supporting customer meetings
  • Ensuring a faultless, strong resposne to any validation exercises
  • Producing the required mobilisation information
  • Project-managing the mobilisation
  • Keeping procedures, documentation and data up-to-date; auditing it as required during the Works.
  • Ensuring that the experience leaves you with a legacy of excellence for future bids
Seamless handover

S u c c e s s e s


Client 'E' is an SME who sought our expertise in order to procure work for Highways England [customer] in the major maintenance sector.

Highways England bids are extremely demanding and also require an in-depth understanding of the customer and the unique way in which they work.

At that time, the client lacked the in-depth client knowledge, experience and bid resources in their own right.

We led and managed the bid, working in collaboration with the Managing Director and Commerical Director.

We won both bids, promoting the business to a new level, from where it has continued to go from strength-to-strength.
    The services Solutionality provided were:
    • PQQ (Selection Questionnaire)
    • Indentification and production of evidence
    • Quality Submission
    • Overview document
    • Health and Safety Submission
    • Information Assurance Policy and procedure
    • Producing a detailed document for the validation exercise
    • Supporting and being present during the validation process
    • Supporting the Framework Manager through mobilisation and writing the key documents.
    • Production of a 168-page Annex 16 [Quality] Plan for the framework - described by Highways England as being "Exemplary"


    Solutionality has an excellent success rate:

    We have been meaningfully engaged in over 100 bids. Our success rate for bids that we have managed is an impressive

    Our overall success rate for all bids over that time
    (e.g.adding those where we were part of a larger team etc.) is currently  

    Even on bids that were ultimately unsuccessful, 50% of the quality submissions that we have produced, scored top marks.

    In 2020, the quality submissions on both of our [winning] bids before 'lockdown' scored 92.8% and 91.3%... before adjustment.

    We only failed to win one tender for our collective clients during 2019.

    We have worked on bids of all sizes and all sectors. We have worked on major PFIs, HS2 contracts, design and build, schemes and maintenance works.

    We are conversant with the NEC suite of contracts and commercially aware.

      We have worked in the sectors of:
      • Highways maintenance
      • Highways technology
      • Highways major bids, smart motorways, ECI etc.
      • Civil engineering projects of all scales.
      • Water utility frameworks
      • Energy - power, tidal, waste to energy
      • Airports, airfields, and rail

      When in permanent employment, prior to Solutionality, Barry worked on a range of civil engineering bids- including managing the successful bid for the largest lane rental contract ever let in the UK.