Targeted, Bespoke, Training

We stick to what we know best and deliver it excellently, where it matters for your business.

All solutions are bespoke and customer-focussed

Solutionality offers a breadth of effective expertise stemming from our core service areas and the underlying capability and experience of our people.

There is no shortage of trainers in today's world and this is not a core part of our business. We confine our expert advice to the areas of our expertise and actively advocate that clients always use the most appropriate specialists for each need.

If our specialism is not a core need in its own right, we can still enhance your business by working with either your training team or any external providers-- to supplement their expertise and enhance your all-round abilities.


Talk to us about any type of training, advice or instruction, you would like... and we will assist. Three typical areas includes:
  • Bid management planning

    We have a systematic approach to bids, that covers all scales and structures of proposals. This is a key part of our Strategies . Once we have engaged with you we can turn this strategy into specific training for your managers in how to approach, target, and manage the type of bids that your business specifically delivers.

  • Submissions management

    Somewhere between the strategy and the pure writing function (below) there lies the practice of turning the strategy into a winning bid... and all of the key disciplines, tools, and tricks that this involves wih respect to: win themes, targeting the client, format, layout, structure, organisation etc.
    Talk to us about developing training for your people.

  • Effective communications

    As support to the above, we will provide training on how to communicate efectively in the written media using themes and styles that suit your business and its brand.

    The skills learned will reflect in effective written communication across the whole business - both internally and externally - not just in bids.

  • S u c c e s s e s

    CLIENT 'I'

    Client 'I' is an international civil engineering contractor who sought to establish a presence in England and win work in their area of expertise-- aside from their major JV bids.

    As part of our remit to produce an intregated, process-driven, work-winning strategy we prepared the following training and documentation:

    • Company brand and theme guidance as part of how to use the Microsoft Office suite effectively
    • Writing guide for use on all submissions
    • Supporting pro formae

    Miscellaneous training

    We have provided training in the following areas:

    • General writing and communication skills

    • Bid writing

    • Bid formatting and structure

    • Use of graphics

    • Process Mapping
    • Scenario-based bid exercises for ICE, delivered to graduate and student civil engineers