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"Thank you for your awesome effort to help us with this one; and I must admit I am still totally gobsmacked how you
pulled together 90% of the bid in quite literally 4 days following our 4 hours brainstorm that you arranged and led.

What impressed me most, apart from your perpetual calmness and resolve, was how your embedded, engineering
expertise flowed through your answers and you flawlessly directly related and framed 'us' within each answer.
You wrote each answer and evidence around what was called for but through our eyes; just like Neil and I
would have written, but with the wealth of external examples that you have tucked away –
bearing in mind that it took Neil and I 7 days to write 7 pages and you wrote 53 in 4!

Hats off to you Barry!! ...I look forward to doing it again in the future.

Company Director BSL, 2021


Barry Knapp MICE

Owner, Solutionality Limited

Barry graduated with a prize-winning honours degree in Civil Engineering in 1986. He worked on site from 1986 to 1994, rising to the role of agent before moving 'inside' to work at the highest level in a variety of 'pre-contract' roles.

From the start of his degree- until family commitments and work took precedence- Barry also wrote software and enjoyed a semi-professional creative writing and poetry sideline.

The combination of his love of civil engineering, solving problems, and these lifelong interests positioned him uniquely to excel during the ascendance of the quality submission.

This shaped Barry's career as he undertook a variety of roles related to winning bids and associated ISO-based systems for business excellence.

Barry started Solutionality in 2010 and has been successfully offering his services to a multitude of clients to date; winning them £millions of work and opening up new clients, sectors and opportunities.  A lot greyer and hopefully wiser!... he is still here to help you and your business succeed and win work...

Where we work

Working across multiple sectors, we are also a recognised specialist in Transport and civils- particularly Highways England.

We collaborate closely with our clients to produce bespoke solutions:
  • Winning strategies that sets up your bids for success
  • Value-added, supportive, independent review and contractual advice
  • Effective and customer-focussed bid management,
    with full integration between the quality, commerical, and operational solutions
  • Deriving maximum value from evidence and innovation
  • Leading a smooth mobilisation and seamless transition of successful bids
  • Producing compelling bid writing and/or operational solutions
  • Design and production of highly-communicative graphics
  • Targeted, effective brochures and other printed media
  • ISO health and safety, quality and environmental systems
  • Robust and sustainable work winning processes; to suit your business
  • Continual support for ongoing contracts
  • Pre-solutionality

    Prior to Solutionality, Barry's work history was (working back):
  • Business Manager
  • National Bids/Submissions Manager
  • Proposals Manager
  • Chairman of ICE Graduates and Students (East Anglia)
  • Planner (all levels to Principal Planner)
  • Temporary Works Designer (concurrent for a time)
  • ICE Design year: Water, Tunnels
  • Site Engineer--> Sub-Agent--> Agent
    Specialising in challenging structures, buildings, marine/flood works