Total work winning expertise
delivered through bespoke, efficient solutions

Our unique combination of engineering skills with technical, graphical, and technological capability makes us your one-stop shop for delivering compelling solutions from the blank page.

Our clients benefit enormously from the fact that we are work winning specialists and enigneers who deliever solutions -- and not generic specialists who do not understand the needs and specifics of work winning, engineering or business systems.

Everything that we provide is underpinned by an effective, systematic approach to finding the optimal solution for:
  • One-off systems to be used as part of a bid and/or for submission
  • 'Total' cradle-to-grave work winning processes
    including (Development, Estimating, Planning, Writing, Management, Review, Learning etc.)
  • Improvement of any other area of your business
  • Integrating and attaining ISO standards that will open doors and improve your business.
We do not impose single-size models or off-the-shelf systems. If you wish to use existing pactices or incorporate elements of the Shipley model, this is easily incorporated.
This is a key benefit of our following case studies and methodology.

Our bidding systems are covered on links to the bid | strategy | management | writing | pages.
process solutions

Successful and effective Work-Winning Systems

Solutionality will help you improve your work winning systems.

Our expertise is delivered at every or any level, and will provide benefits whether you are starting afresh or looking to enhance specific areas of your business.

We will produce complete systems for acquisition, managing, winning and learning-- either from scratch or around your existing business and always to suit needs. We can also help you manage the mobilisation or transition of successful projects and provide ongoing support for the contract systems and documentation during the project-- such as auditing or performance reporting. We can provide templates, guides, forms, windows apps, and learning as part of any commission or as an extra for your business.

Our input is supported with our bid strategy | management | writing services
... and graphical services and training support.

programming capability


Solutionality has provided ISO solutions that range from individual processes through to creating a complete IMS (45001/9001/14001) from scratch.

We will take you all the way to the audits and support you through the process. Thereafter we are here to help you improve, implement and monitor.

Key ISO standards that we support with our expertise:
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Management
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 22301:2019 Business Continunity
  • ISO 44001:2017 Collaborative Relationships
  • ISO 39001:2012 Road Traffic Safety Management Systems
  • Highways England Appendix 4 / Annex 16 processes
  • Highways England CPF Process

We can assimilate the requirements of any ISO that you require and map this against your business. We can then work with you to develop a road map to compliance or accreditation, producing as little or as much of the systems and processes as you desire.

integrated success

Creating systems to improve your business

Our unique combination of engineering skills technical/graphical capability makes us a one-stop shop for producing any process or system from the blank page.

The processes used will maximise usage of your current systems, people and other resources and minimises costs. We do not sell superfluous services or 'reinvent the wheel'.

Everything we produce will improve your business, whether it is a complete system or a single process-map for a tender.

All of the above processes will have been developed in close liaison with you and your people-- and to your specific objectives (and standards as applicable).

...that come together and work

S u c c e s s e s

and the origins of our
model Work Winning system

Client 'G' is an international civil engineering contractor who was setting-up in the UK.
They wanted a new work winning solution to revitalise their existing and cater for quality-based tenders.

In so doing, we were commissioned to produce an integrated and complete 'cradle-to-grave' work winning process.

We produced a system that defined how to:
  • Identify opportunities - for published or unpublished tenders
  • Secure opportunities through efective capability statements, expressions of interest and presentations
  • Successfully achieve selection via pre-qualification, ISOS or preferred status etc.
  • Robustly and effectively manage the bid (operational, quality, commercial, validation, post-tender...)
  • Seamlessly mobilise bids
  • Capture expertise and best practices and improve

Our solution evolved into our unique work winning model system.

We reiterate that all of our solutions are bespoke - to maximise synergy with our clients' businesses and minimise risks, impact and costs.

However, during the early years of Solutionality, we used expertise gained from a series of commissions, to develop a robust model that is adaptable to all types of client, all sizes of client, and able to deliver on the above objectives.

These core processes have formed the basis for much of our IMS work and many successful solutions for our clients to date- either partial or total systems.

A complete IMS system;
starting from scratch

Client 'H' is a regional civil engineering contractor who sought our expertise to produce a world-class

Our client held no prior ISO accreditation or systems.

Our IMS was designed to take them on the [ongoing] journey to:
  • ISO 45001 [Health and Safety]
  • ISO 9001 [Quality Management]
  • ISO14001 [Environmental Management]
  • Business Continuity Plan aligned to ISO 22301
  • Plus associated risk management and information assurance policies
  • positioning the company for collaboration accreditation in a couple of years (ISO 44001)

Helping Client establish a new LANTRA training school and regain accreditation

A major TM contractor required the re-establishment of its in-house training school to NHSS LANTRA requirements.

Having advised on the Training Manager recruitment, we worked with the new Training Manager to set up the Quality Strategy, branding, and documentation.

During 2022 we will be:
  • Developing processes and procedures for learning
  • Helping the new team undertake a Gap Analysis of the existing status of systems, trainees, and procedures
  • ...hence develop a Training Plan
  • Import qualifications and data into a new bepsoke database

Miscellaneous Examples
of bespoke processes,
policies, and procedures

In 2020 we produced a Business Continuity Plan to the requirements of ISO 22301:2019 on behalf of an SME.

Their insurer, AXA, stated: "I have to say that the Business Continuity Plan is one of the best I’ve seen – seems to cover all eventualities and is easy to read".

Another typical example is where we produced a summary process map for a Local Authority tender, as described below.
This process succinctly and comprehensively captured the entire delivery process- from ECI through to completion- in one map.

The map was not expressly required, but we identified it as a highly-effective tool to frame our response. The map is now in common usage.

A particular benefit was how the process integrated our client's business with both client procedures and the specifications and design codes.

We have produced numerous ad hoc and specified processes/procedures for all of our clients- at some stage.

A common requirement is to produce processes/procedures for one or more of:
  • Supply chain selection
  • Supply chain management
  • Defect management and control
  • Customer Care/Complaint Management
  • Reactive response to incidents
  • Risk Management
  • Miscellaneous Health and Safety and CDM compliance procedures
Our work is characterised by the way that we ensure our solutions align to both your business and the needs of your customers.

Our strategies are effective, clear, and designed to present minimal risk and impact to your way of working